Three Women And A Bottle Of Wine
Minnesota Winemaker: Matt Scott

Three Women And A Bottle Of Wine<br>Minnesota Winemaker: Matt Scott

Matt Scott has been making wine for more than 15 years, both on the West Coast and here in Minnesota. As general manager of winemaking and viticulture at 7 Vines Vineyard, he’s making a name for himself as an award-winning winemaker. In this episode, he dishes on his favorite Minnesota wine grapes and the starring role the University of Minnesota is playing in our growing wine industry.

Three Women And A Bottle Of Wine

Three Women And A Bottle Of Wine

Wines of the Holidays: Maureen McKenna

Wine. We love it. Do you? Did you know Minnesota is home to an award-winning vineyard? Three Women and a Bottle of Wine is schooled this week by Maureen McKenna, a world-class sommelier from 7 Vines Vineyard in Dellwood, located a little west of Stillwater. McKenna discusses the award-winning wines produced at 7 Vines, delves into the storied history of the vineyard – which sits on land owned, until recently, by the family of James J. Hill, and she gives some thoughts on which wine might be a great option for your holiday gathering.

Finally, a fun fact! 7 Vines recently submitted its wine in the 2019 San Francisco International Wine Festival. Results will be released Dec. 16. Check out the 7 Vines website for results.

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