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Winery History

Proprietors, Ron and Arlie Peltier were high school sweethearts on the east side of St. Paul. They both attended the University of Minnesota, married young and raised two children in Dellwood. Real estate was always a passion of theirs and the ability to see great opportunity in the most unlikely places was a gift. That vision helped fuel many of their great accomplishments and was also the catalyst that led to the establishment of 7 Vines Vineyard and Winery.

It was the late 1980’s when Ron and Arlie first approached Peter and Gertrude Ffolliott to buy the property Gertrude’s grandfather had given her mother, Rachel Boeckmann. Her grandfather was railroad baron James J. Hill, who owned massive tracts of undeveloped land throughout MN in the early 1900’s. At the time, the Ffolliotts weren’t ready to sell but that didn’t keep Ron and Arlie from keeping a keen eye on the land they loved.

It was the fall of 2010 when the opportunity came for Ron and Arlie to purchase the beautiful piece of history.

Ron and Arlie knew the storybook setting was the perfect canvas to write the next chapter of their lives. Their love for fine wine and the advancements made to grape growing in the Midwest gave them the inspiration to start a vineyard. From the first planted vines in 2012 to the construction of the winery building, the undertaking has been a true labor of love.

The name 7 Vines was an easy choice.   The number 7 has always held special meaning. 7 was Ron’s hockey jersey number. He played for Johnson high school on the east side of St. Paul and then went on to the University of Minnesota to play for Glen Sonmor and legendary coach Herb Brooks. “I was always partial to seven and always wore that number,” he said. “now I have seven grandchildren to validate it.” And validate it they did. The names of all seven grandchildren graced the neck of the first bottles produced at 7 Vines. An eloquent tribute to that legacy and the special meaning of the number 7.

7 Vines is one of Minnesota’s largest full experience wineries and a beautiful place for community, friendship and celebration.

7 Vines is also a love story. It started as a desire to possess a beautiful piece of land and transformed into so much more. As the dream unfolded, Arlie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  7 Vines was made beautiful by Arlie’s vision and ability to create elegance in all she touched.  She fought a long battle with this devastating disease and refused to let it take her spirit-which was filled with pure kindness and love.  Her fight ended in October of 2021.  She will be deeply missed by all who knew her and we will continue to feel her presence in the joy, laughter an memories created at 7 Vines for years to come.  

The Winery

Nestled in the city of Dellwood, MN just 20 miles northeast of the Twin Cities, 7 Vines is a true destination. Acres of rolling vines and a state of the art winery welcome you to explore the grape to wine process and savor hand crafted wines with Midwest charm.

The interior design of the winery boasts beautiful, hand crafted woodwork with a modern, rustic flair. Windows abound the building and accordion doors allow for plenty of natural light and gorgeous views of the vineyard and preserve.

A one of a kind catwalk showcases steel holding tanks used during the fermentation process. The winery also features a large wine bar, two stone fireplaces, a barrel room and full bottling facility.  Hospitality and retail are on site.



Ron and Arlie Peltier, Owners


Matt Scott, General Manager of Winemaking and Viticulture

Matt has been a winemaker and viticulturist for more than 15 years, with experience working in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Oregon. He holds Chemistry and Biology degrees from the University of Minnesota, as well as advanced studies in Behavioral Ecology.  His lifelong love of wine took him away from a University research lab and into the winery and vineyard. He is active in his community and the Minnesota wine industry, and works as a volunteer for many organizations. Matt has held various board positions on the Minnesota Grape Growers Association, Minnesota Wine Country at the State Fair, The Taste of Stillwater and Rock the Vine music festival. He also developed the first wine trail in Minnesota. Matt’s winemaking skills have garnered him many awards with his wines achieving Double Gold, Gold and Silver in competitions across the country such as the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, the Indy International Wine Competition, the International Eastern Wine Competition and the prestigious San Francisco International Wine Competition. His 2015 La Crescent earned Gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition and recently he earned Best of Show for his 2016 Marquette at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition.

Torre Wolf profile photo

Torre Wolf
Assistant Winemaker
Tel: 651-478-6300

John Thull profile photo

John Thull
Vineyard Management
Tel: 651-478-6300

Janee Peltier Katz profile photo

Janee Peltier Katz
Vice President
Tel: 651-478-6300

Lorah Palmer profile photo

Lorah Palmer
Director of Hospitality and Event Specialist
Tel: 651-478-6300

Andrea Schroeder profile photo

Andrea Schroeder
Wine Bar Manager and Event Specialist
Tel: 651-478-6300

Ashley Pfeffer profile photo

Ashley Pfeffer
Assistant Wine Bar Manager
Tel: 651-478-6300

Pam Rickard profile photo

Pam Rickard
Event Specialist

Amanda Johnson profile photo

Amanda Johnson
HR Manager

Michelle Weaver profile photo

Michelle Weaver
Financial Services
Tel: 651-478-6300

Brittany Maracotta profile photo

Brittany Maracotta
Brand Representative
Tel: 651-478-6300

Joey Pojar profile photo

Joey Pojar
Wine Bar Executive Chef


The first vines were planted in 2012 and today there are over 7,000 vines growing in the vineyard on 10 acres. University of Minnesota cold hardy grape varieties Marquette, Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, Frontenac Blanc, La Crescent and Itasca.  Since the key to making good wine starts in the vineyard, the vines are given meticulous care throughout the growing season and managed by exceptional experts in the field of viticulture. 

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