To make great wine, you must have great fruit. Cliche, but true. Winemaking really begins in the vineyard where everything from pruning to harvesting must be done with consideration for the past, present and the future.

It takes a judicious hand to guide those grapes through to finished wine in the bottle. There are as many paths to go through that process as there are winemakers in the world, from highly technical to totally hands off. We tend towards the least manipulation necessary to ensure the path to high quality wine.  Crafting wines that are balanced, elegant and uniquely complex is what makes our wine distinctly express the terroir of our vineyards.

Currently 7 Vines is only able to process online shipments within Minnesota.
Please contact the winery for shipping needs outside of Minnesota.

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In these times of uncertainty, we are extending our thoughts to all of you. This is truly an incredible moment for our world.

Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 virus and the action taken by the State of Minnesota and Governor Tim Walz, our wine bar will be closed until health officials deem it is safe to continue operations. We will keep you posted on any details when we know more. We welcome you to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for updates.

Our wines are now available for purchase online. Pick up at the winery along with shipping directly to your home or office, is an option. Thank you for supporting local businesses. We are always so humbled by your loyalty, support, and patronage.

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